1) load the program.
2) click button "Square" from wave key or press keyboard key "Q" (red alphabet on the button).
3) connect the hantek 3x25 awg to your USB PC.
4) press the USB port on the left side (Hantek Device Connection), or press key "Tab".
5) if the USB port lit in red (online simulation), it means the wave is successfully sent to the device, otherwise there's problem with USB connection.
6) during online mode, any changes to wave parameter will be updated instantly to the connected device.
7) to go back to offline simulation mode, click back USB port and the program will not update any wave changes to awg.
8) for other wave, use the same steps. just click the appropriate wave key.

1) you can see editable wave parameters in parameter window.
2) to change amplitude, press "F2" or click on the Ampl. parameter value in parameter window. the value will go lit in red to indicate ready to be edited.
3) press any numeric key on the software or keyboard to start editing. eg format 1, 10e-2, 1u, 1V. press enter or any SI unit to finish editing)
4) to finish editing, you can as well press the SI unit for the value (M=mega/milli, K=kilo, U=micro, H=hertz, V=volt, S=second, D=degree, O=ohm)
5) to cancel editing, you can press "Escape" button on keyboard, or "Backspace" button on software.
6) scaler knob can be used to adjust the active parameter value. see below for more info on scaler knob.
7) if in online mode, changes will be updated to the device instantly, but if in offline mode, you can only see the changes in Simulation and I/O Info Windows.
8) for other parameter, use the same steps. just click the appropriate function key.

1) you can use numeric key as memory key.
2) to store currently active wave, press "Store" button or letter "E" on the keyboard. It will lit in green to indicate store mode.
3) press any numeric key to store.
4) later you can recall the saved wave by pressing "Recall" button ("C") and the numeric key.
5) wave key and parameter windows will be updated based on the loaded wave from the memory.
6) hovering the mouse on the numeric key will show summary of the saved wave info.

1) you can load Tektroniks ArbExpress compatible file *.csv into any wave key
2) just press any wave key, and then press "Load" or "F6", select a file and OK
3) if the file is successfully loaded you can see the file name updated in I/O Info or by hovering your mouse on the wave key.
4) the wave shape of the file will also be shown in simulation windows and if USB port is online, the wave will be sent to the 3x25 awg.
5) you can overwrite predefined wave key, such as sine, square etc. if you need to store the original, you can find back these files in installation directory\wave folder


on version 1.0.2a, menu has been added by right clicking simulation window

1) Set Wave on Device StartUp: set current wave to be output when the hantek startup
2) Clear Wave on Device StartUp: clear wave when the hantek startup
3) Reset Wave Natural Frequency: set frequency parameter to current wave natural frequency (data clock / number of data)
4) Beep on USB Communication: beeps each time wave is sent to hantek.
5) Dump Hantek Volt Data: dump voltage data in goltek engine into app path "volt.dump.csv".
6) Dump Hantek Raw Data: dump hantek format data in goltek engine into app path "raw.dump.csv".
7) Dump Hantek Synch Data: dump synch data in simulator into app path "synch.dump.csv".



to simulate the real hardware knob, but maybe less usefull in software, but i'm doing it anyway for fun. it consists of left and right arrow key which clicking it similar to pressing left and right arrow on keyboard. the main part is the rotating knob which is big circle with "dot dot" at the center. its purpose is to increase (CCW) or decrease (CW) currently active numeric value wave parameter by halving or multiply by 2 in 5 step, ie one step will multiply by 2(1/5) or 1/(2(1/5)). due to round off error in program development environment, you may not get the initial value after you made many CCW and CW rotation. the same if you've reached the limit of the value. there are 4 ways to control it. (1) center click and up down, (2) rotation click, (3) mouse wheel and (4) keyboard control. to do up down control (1), you have to mouse click and hold at bigger grey circle in the center and move up and down, dont worry if you mouse pointer reaches the top or bottom of your screen, it will automatically moved to the other end for continuous control. for rotation click (2), you have to click and hold on the part other then the grey circle at the center and rotate your mouse
(not your mouse d*ckhead! your mouse pointer's motion!) to where you want it to be. for the (3), just move your mouse to anywhere on the knob and scroll your mouse wheel. and lastly for keyboard control (4), not everybody will be able to use this, only people like me with my wireless GIGABYTE keyboard with volume control knob only can control this while the program is active on the screen. the problem is the program still unable to restore sound volume level to its original value, so i need to reset my sound level after using this application, not very tempting.







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