special shortcut:
F7 in main panel = reset frequency to clock / number of data (original data frequency)
F7 in store mode = dump hantek3x25v2 raw() data into app path "volt.dump.csv".
F8 in store mode = dump hantek3x25v2 han() data into app path "raw.dump.csv".
F9 in store mode = dump simulation synch() data into app path "synch.dump.csv".

special note:
there are two type of resampling method. (1) linear interpolation, (2) square interpolation.
square interpolation (nearest neighbor point) is used on "Square" and "Sawtooth" wave mode.
linear interpolation is used on the rest of other wave mode (Sine, Triangle, Radio, Noise, Arb).



special shortcut in wave display mode:
F7 = mirror wave in selection region (left to right, right to left)
F8 = invert wave in selection region (value negation)