DDS3X25 as Digital Generator

recently i have a task that i need a signal data injected into my circuit to see if it translates the digital data correctly. Goltek Controller should be able to do this. so i created a binary file in CSV format like here. in the file, the binary data are...

10101011 01010110 10110101 01101010 11010000 or in hex value are 0xAB 0x56 0xB5 0x6A 0xD0. and i want the data speed to be 10Kbps (CLOCK=10E3). i added extra 0's as data padding or to add some delay before repeating the data.

I then load the CSV file into Goltek Controller in either "Square" or "Sawtooth" wave mode since these two mode will use "nearest neighbor" interpolation, ie no recalculation on in-between (intermediate) sample if it needs to be interpolated, the program will just snap to nearest data (in our CSV file) and use the value as "interpolated" value. The other waves mode will use "Linear" interpolation which re-calculate intermediate data. This can result a nasty wave esp. on square and sudden rise/fall signal with "Force Clock" turned OFF.

So lets use "Sawtooth" wave (since i seldomly use that wave) and load the CSV file, turn ON the "Force Clock" in Utility window and Hit the USB/Connect button while our DDS3X25 is connected, we'll get the 10Kbps digital data. and remember to set the voltage magnitude and offset correctly so you'll get a nice digital 0 to V (LO to HI) signal instead of -V to V (-HI to HI) swing. That's it! Enjoy.






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